Friday, July 10, 2009


A couple months or so ago, I sat down w/my journal and asked myself what is most important to me, what do I need to focus on the most in my life? The answer I found was that the most important thing in the world is Love. Period. So the most important thing for me to do is create more love and share the love I have with the World. I know some will think that sounds nuts, what? :) I still believe it with all my heart and soul. "Radiate my love to the World." Has become one of my mantras. I do this whenever possible. When my children are hurt or upset and I hold them in my arms, I imagine love emanating from within and enclosing them in a sphere of love and peace. When I see a stranger who looks troubled, I send love their way as well, along with a smile and kind word. It costs me nothing, but I truly believe it does help the World be a better place. If nothing else, it helps me be a better person.

Love to you all.

"Demonstrate that love is the most powerful force in the universe
as it finds expression through your belief in your life and yourself."
--Alan Cohen
Dare to Be Yourself

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