Tuesday, June 16, 2009


I've been reading the section in Love Poems from God by Tukaram. They've been making me smile so much, I wanted to include several here.

I Might Act Serious

If God would stop telling jokes,
I might act serious.

(I just love picturing these!)

It's the Shell Trick

It's the old shell trick with a twist:
I saw God put Himself in one
of your pockets.

You are bound
to find

Feeling Very Secure

planets rolled in
those openings on the side of my head.

I haven't heard anything for years.
Whenever I see a mouth moving in front of me

I just assume someone is saying
something brilliant

and then go on about my day
feeling very

And the one I'm focusing on today:


Certainty undermines one's power, and turns happiness
into a long shot. Certainty confines.

Dears, there is nothing in your life that will not
change --especially all your ideas of God.

Look what the insanity of righteous knowledge can do:
crusade and maim thousands
in wanting to convert that which is already gold into gold.

Certainty can become an illness
that creates hate and

God once said to Tuka,

"Even I am ever changing --
I am ever beyond

what I may have once put my seal upon,
may no longer be
the greatest

What do you all think about this one? I find it very thought-provoking.

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  1. hi am new to your blog. Stumbled upon it when searching for certainty. I am well versed with Marati and am not able to find the marati version of this poem. Can u help me out please.