Wednesday, August 5, 2009


This is a follow-up to yesterday's post. Here are some ways we can make amends to ourselves and get back on track. Again, this is taken from Debbie Ford's, The Secret of the Shadow.

Making Amends to Yourself

....."Now is the time to make a commitment to honor ourselves where we have once violated ourselves. Here are some suggestions for transforming our relationships with ourselves.

  • Tell the truth to ourselves and others.
  • Take time for the people we love. Schedule time every day to go for a walk, connect, and share what is truly important to us.
  • Meditate every day.
  • Volunteer our time to causes and organizations that inspire us to help: children with learning disabilities, reading programs in schools.
  • Stop gossiping.
  • Take care of our physical bodies with nourishing food, adequate rest, exercise, fresh air, and recreation.
  • Honor our boundaries and listen to our inner sense of what feels good and what doesn't.
  • Make a daily connection with the Divine.
  • Process our painful emotions when they come up so they can be healed.
  • Keep our checkbooks in balance and clear up our past debts.
  • Take time to acknowledge ourselves for all we are, for the joy we bring to others, and for the contributions we've made to the world.
  • Eat foods that nourish our bodies, and stop eating when our stomachs are full.
  • Feel gratitude every day for what we have."

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