Tuesday, August 11, 2009


So I have this sister....actually I have quite a few, but today I'm thinking of the blond one. Anyway, when I was on vacation last month she did this crazy...I mean strange thing. Early in the morning, before I was even half awake, she took my daughter for a walk. I mean, how weird is that? Waking up and wanting to get right out and moving?! Granted, a walk w/my two-year old daughter is not that strenuous....but getting up and going straight outside to start moving?!? Just seemed a little out-there to me. Not that I didn't LOVE that she did it...just kinda struck me as different.....definitely different for us. I usually have to have my alone time on the computer first and maybe a little cuddle-time or something.

Fast forward to yesterday....I was giving my Fall schedule some final tweaks. I decided to try to build in some ways to get healthier. (It can be a little tricky with the kids' activities, housework, school and all of the other excuses I always create.) My sister popped into my mind yesterday though and I put "walk and meditation" first thing on my schedule. Now I'm the strange one, huh? Well, I tried it this morning. My dog couldn't figure out why I was forcing her out of bed, I know she thought I was nuts. We walked around the block to the park. I sat on a bench overlooking a pond, with the mountains in the background. I pet her while watching the mist rise, the geese waddle and the sun come up. It was glorious.

I feel so present, grounded and joyful. My dog is happy and knows she's loved. Life is good, especially when you're strange. Thanks, Brinny.

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