Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Who are you?

How do you view yourself? Can you see yourself clearly? It's harder than it sounds. I mean YOU....the real you...not who you've been told you are by teachers, friends, family, coworkers....they only see parts of you and what they see is filtered through their own thoughts/beliefs/needs. Sometimes it's so easy to accept their ideas as who we really can cause us to stop growing, stop becoming who we are truly meant to be. Fight against that tendency. Be yourself, the authentic you. Keep growing and changing. Don't get lazy and let others decide who you are. Become more awesomely YOU with each passing day.

These two quotes go along with least in my mind. :)

"Learn to...
be what you are,
and learn to resign
with a good grace
all that you are not."

--Henri Frederic Amiel


"We must
always change,
renew, rejuvenate
we harden."

--Johann Von Goethe

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