Saturday, August 8, 2009


This is not the easiest thing I've blogged about, but I feel drawn to address it. goes! :)

It seems like "being depressed" or "suffering from depression" is just an over-used excuse these days. At least that's kind of the way I used to view it. When I was diagnosed with it, I didn't really "believe" in it. I thought it was just a nice way to say I was a downer or just plain moody at times. Recently...just over the past month, actually...I've felt big changes in my life. I know it sounds hokey, but it's as if I'm coming out from under a fog..... and kind of like the gravitational pull has eased up a bit. I feel lighter and more capable. Things that seemed like huge under-takings before are now just items to check off my to-do list. I feel like I'm taking charge of my life and getting things under control. Kind of like I'm standing up and ready to be counted. I'm sure many who read this will think it's just me being silly. That's okay. For those of you who are currently depressed or have been in the past....I just want you to know, I understand.


  1. I'm so happy for you that the fog is lifting. happy.

  2. I am so happy things are looking up for you.
    And there is nothing silly about what you wrote, what so ever!


  3. I understand too, Depression can be heredity. It's in our family, I suffer from it, your Grandmother and we think her Mother. So your generation was bound to suffer also. The main thing is that you recognize it and treat it. Some days will be better than others. I Love You!

  4. Dana, I read this post a couple of days ago and have been trying to articulate a response. It struck me so hard that you were so open and honest, that I had tears in my eyes when I was reading.... so much so that I felt the need to be alone and therefore made the excuse that I needed a bath.
    The reason I felt so discombobulated (if its a word) was that I wanted to reach through the cosmic void and give you a humungous hug. Its genuine, authentic, honest people like yourself that give me reason to think that life is good and joyful, and eventhough things maybe tough every now and then, the fog does lift and life becomes more joyful because of it.
    After reading, I seriously contemplated calling you on the telephone to tell you that you are never alone. Thinking of you Dip. Sarah xx

  5. Thank you all so much. It means more than I can say.

    And Sarah, if you I picked up the phone and you were on the other, how cool. We will have to make that happen sometime. :)