Friday, August 21, 2009

What did the Zen practitioner say to the hot dog vendor?

"Make me one with everything."

lol...I heard that joke at church awhile back and just saw it in a book a friend recommended. It's titled, ConZentrate: Get Focused and Pay Attention -- When Life Is Filled with Pressures, Distractions, and Multiple Priorities. I just put it on hold at the library and can't wait to get it. I'd love to hear from any of you who might have read it. It sounds like it was written just for me. It's kind of funny that I got the suggestion right after I signed up to volunteer for a bunch of school functions. I want so badly to do everything. It's difficult to admit I can't do it all. I mentioned this quote before, but I've been replaying it in my mind so I can stay somewhat realistic.

"We must not promise
what we ought not,
lest we be called upon
to perform
what we cannot."

--Abraham Lincoln

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  1. I wondered if you got my message. :D I'm glad you did; I'm still not far into my library copy of the book, but it holds so much promise.

    Love the joke, too - I hadn't seen that yet.