Sunday, August 16, 2009

Back to school this week!

My son starts back to school this week. He's excited and I think it's going to be so good for him to get back into the school routine. I feel like the start of the school year is as much, if not more of a fresh start for us than the actual New Year is. I'm not making resolutions, but I do have a few big goals I'm focusing on this new school year.

1. Get the house in order and stay on top of it. I'm hoping to finish off a couple clutter areas and organize a couple more closets before school starts. Once they are done, the basement will be all that is still in disarray. I've also made a study area, complete with calendar and bulletin board. The beginning of school always seems overwhelming at first...there's always a ton of paperwork, dates, and excitement. I hope to stop the craziness before it starts. Wish me luck, please! :)

2. Create and follow a healthy routine. I have a schedule already put together. I have tried to build in healthy and creative activities for us all. I've even included time for self-care, which is something I tend to overlook. It might need some tweaking, but for the most part, I think it will be good. The main issue will be sticking with it.

3. Limit activities and groups. I tend to get so excited about all the opportunities that come in the Fall. I want the kids to be able to participate in everything and I want to help with everything. The only problem is we can't realistically DO everything. I'm going to stop and think before I overextend us this year. This is going to be a hard one!

This quote, by good ol' Abe says it for me:

"We must not promise
what we ought not,
lest we be called upon
to perform
what we cannot."

--Abraham Lincoln

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  1. Excellent!!! Your doing great!!! We all know how i feel about schedules!!! LOL And your right, don't overextend yourself. We all need a little downtime! I try and remember the rule
    A time for work
    A time for play
    A time for rest
    and a time to pray